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The downloadCampaignRecipientResults() method creates a downloadable file containing the results of each recipient a given campaign. This file can be restricted to a subset of the lists that were mailed in the campaign and/or to a subset of the recipient responses (SALE, BOUNCE, UNSUBSCRIBE, CLICK, OPEN, NONE) of interest. The file will always include list name, response type (click, bounce, etc), and response date. The user may also specify which list member detail fields will be included in the downloaded file. The method’s output indicates the location of the generated file.



session_id [xsd:string] (required)
Your API session id.
campaign_id [xsd:int] (required)
The id of the campaign whose recipient results are being fetched.
delimiter [xsd:string] (required)
The type of result file to create: either “csv” or “tab”.
remove_duplicates [xsd:boolean]
Whether to report just one event per recipient or all events per recipient (default is false).
fields_to_include [vrtypens:ArrayOfString] (required)
An array of the names of list fields to include as columns in the result. The columns will appear in the same order as the array you pass to the system.

  • email_address
  • first_name
  • last_name
  • create_date
  • title
  • company_name
  • address_1
  • address_2
  • city
  • state
  • postalcode
  • country
  • work_phone
  • home_phone
  • mobile_phone
  • fax
  • marital_status
  • gender
  • Any custom fields you’ve created can be included as well.
restrict_responses [vrtypens:ArrayOfString]
An array of the only response types that should be reported on. Note: these strings are case-sensitive.
Valid items for this array are:

  • OPEN
  • SALE
  • NONE
restrict_lists [vrtypens:ArrayOfInteger]
An array of ids of the lists whose recipients the result should be restricted to.
notification_email_address [xsd:string]
This is required for the background version of this method. When the result is ready, this email address will
receive a notification that includes a link that can be used to download the result.
start_date [xsd:string]
If specified, no events before this date will be included in the result.
This date/time should be specified in ISO 8601 format.
end_date [xsd:string]
If specified, no events after this date will be included in the result.
This date/time should be specified in ISO 8601 format.



$vr->downloadCampaignRecipientResults( array(
	'session_id' => $sid,
	'campaign_id' => $cid,
	'delimiter' => 'tab',
	'remove_duplicates' => 1,
	'fields_to_include' => array(
) );


	'session_id'  => sid,
	'campaign_id' => cid,
	'delimiter'   => 'tab',
	'remove_duplicates' => 1,
	'fields_to_include' => [


DownloadCampaignRecipientResultsArgs downloadResultsArgs = new DownloadCampaignRecipientResultsArgs();

DownloadCampaignRecipientResultsResult cats = vr.downloadCampaignRecipientResults(downloadResultsArgs);


downloadCampaignRecipientResultsArgs objDownloadCampaignRecipients = new downloadCampaignRecipientResultsArgs();
	objDownloadCampaignRecipients.session_id = sessionID;
	objDownloadCampaignRecipients.campaign_id = CampaignId;
	objDownloadCampaignRecipients.delimiter = "tab";
	objDownloadCampaignRecipients.remove_duplicates = true;
	objDownloadCampaignRecipients.fields_to_include = new string[] {"email_address", "first_name", "last_name"};



$vrapi->downloadCampaignRecipientResults( {
	session_id => $sid,
	campaign_id => $cid,
	delimiter => 'tab',
	remove_duplicates => 1,
	fields_to_include => [
} );