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session_id [xsd:string]
Your API session id.
email_campaign [vrtypens:EmailCampaign]
DEPRECATED: This object as been replaced by the Email object
An EmailCampaign object representing the new campaign. You may provide the following
fields at the time of creation:

  • name
  • type
  • template_id (for template campaigns)
  • from_label
  • send_friend
  • mail_date

Only name, type, and template_id (only for template campaigns) are required.

The “type” attribute can only be set to one of the following:

  • template
  • canvas
  • freeform
  • freeform_text

Campaign contents can also be provided here. See setEmailCampaignContent() for details regarding which content types
are available for which email campaign types. For template campaigns, a list of template modules can be provided as well.