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session_id [xsd:string]
Your API session id.
order_by [vrtypens:OrderByField]
The field and direction to sort by.
Valid field_name values are:

  • campaign_id
  • campaign_name
  • campaign_type
  • status
  • sent_date
  • emails_sent
  • open_count
  • reopen_count
  • click_count
  • sale_count
  • purchase_total
  • bounce_count
  • unsub_count
  • responder_count

If no ordering is specified, then an ordering by descending sent_date is used by default.

limit [xsd:int]
The maximum number of records to return.
Specifying a limit greater than 50 is not allowed.
This is also the default limit that is used if none is provided.
offset [xsd:int]
Only records on or beyond this index are included in the result.