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How To Integrate Your Code with the VerticalResponse Email Creation Tools

One of the most popular – and most powerful – features of VerticalResponse is it’s amazingly easy to use suite of email creation tools. Our customers love the ability to select from more than 500 templates or use their own and have complete control over the look and feel of the final product without knowing a bit of HTML or CSS.

You can leverage these tools using the Partner API through a combination of our single sign-on capabilities and our email creation methods to rapidly develop a powerful integration between your software and our award-winning email marketing services.

The most common usage of the email campaign creation methods is to pass some pre-defined, rendered content to the VerticalResponse system in preparation for sending. You need to provide the name for the campaign, the subject line and both the text and HTML content. The new createEmail() method will create the campaign using the new email workflow introduced earlier this year.

Example in PHP:

$emailId = $vr->createEmail(array(
	'session_id'          => $sid,
	'email'               => array(
		'name'                 => 'New Email',
		'email_type'           => 'canvas',
		'from_label'           => 'Your Name',
		'reply_to_email'       => '',
		'subject'              => 'Your Subject Line',
		'freeform_html'        => '<strong>Your HTML content</strong>',
		'freeform_text'        => 'Your text content'

You can then use the post_login_path parameter of the getUserSignonURL() method to drop your user directly into the canvas editor, allowing them to immediately edit the email you just created.

Example in PHP:

$url = $vr->getUserSignonURL(array(
	'session_id'       => $sid,
	'ttl'              => 120
	'logout_url'       => '',
	'user'             => '',
	'post_login_path'  => ''.$emailId

Once they have completed editing the email, they can proceed through our normal email creation workflow to send the final product to their recipients. This seamless and elegant integration between your system and our tools is the ideal solution for providing customer templates for your customers or to repurpose existing content for email marketing campaigns.