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The compileCampaignRecipientResults() method compiles a new mailing list based on the recipient responses to a given campaign. This new list can be pulled from all, or a subset, of the lists that were mailed in the campaign and/or to a subset of the recipient responses (OPEN, CLICK, SALE, NONE) of interest. In addition, the user may specify which standard or custom fields will be copied from the mailed list(s) into the compiled list. When assigning list_name, keep in mind that list names must be unique.



session_id [xsd:string] (required)
Your API session id.
campaign_id [xsd:int] (required)
The id of the campaign whose recipient results are being fetched.
list_name [xsd:string] (required)
The name of the new list that will be created
fields_to_include [vrtypens:ArrayOfString] (required)
An array of the names of list fields to include as fields in the result.
restrict_responses [vrtypens:ArrayOfString]
An array of the only response types that should be reported on.
Valid items for this array are:

  • OPEN
  • SALE
  • NONE
restrict_lists [vrtypens:ArrayOfInteger]
An array of ids of the lists whose recipients the result should be restricted to.
notification_email_address [xsd:string]
This is required for the background version of this method. When the result is ready, this email address will
receive a notification that includes a link that can be used to download the result.


The output contains the id of the new list and the size of that list.



$vrapi->compileCampaignRecipientResults( {
    session_id => $sid,
    campaign_id => $cid,
    list_name => 'new_list_name_to_be_created',
    restrict_responses => [ "OPEN", "CLICK" ],
} );


$vrapi->compileCampaignRecipientResults( array(
    'session_id' => $sid,
    'campaign_id' => $cid,
    'list_name' => 'new_list_name_to_be_created',
    'restrict_responses' => array( "OPEN", "CLICK" ),
) );


    'session_id'  => sid,
    'campaign_id' => cid,
    'list_name'   => 'new_list_name_to_be_created',
    'restrict_responses' => [ 'OPEN', 'CLICK'],


compileCampaignRecipientResultsArgs objCompileRec = new compileCampaignRecipientResultsArgs();
objCompileRec.session_id = _sSessionId;k
objCompileRec.campaign_id = iCampaignId;
objCompileRec.list_name   = "new_list_name_to_be_created";
objCompileRec.restrict_responses = new string[] { "OPEN", "CLICK"}