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An object that represents a file being passed into or out of the API server. Depending on the context,
not all fields will be in use.
filename [xsd:string]
The filename (e.g., new_signups.csv).
delimiter [xsd:string]
For tabular files, this is either “csv” or “tab”.
location [xsd:string]
For files generated by the API server for download, this is the URL where the file can be downloaded from.
For non-directory Library files being returned by enumerateFiles(), this is a URL suitable for use in a campaign for that image.
(In this case the URLs are transient in that they will only be usable for a certain period of time after which they will expire. When a campaign
with such Library references in it is launched, all the references are updated to point to a campaign-specific version of that Library
image. This protects customers from breaking campaigns by accidentally deleting or changing Library images that are referenced in a
launched campaign.)
contents [soapenc:base64]
For files passed into the API server, this is the base64-encoded contents of the file.
media_library_directory [xsd:string]
For files in the Library, this is the directory there where the file lives.
is_directory [xsd:boolean]
Whether this file represents a Library directory or not.
size [xsd:int]
The number of bytes in the contents of this file.
last_modified [xsd:dateTime]
A timestamp representing when this file was last updated.