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The createFile() method adds a file to your Library. If the new file will overwrite an existing file, the “force”
argument must be provided in order to prevent a fault from being thrown.

The “file” argument must be a FileSpec with a “filename” specified and either its “contents” or “location” specified. If the
“contents” are specified, they should be Base64-encoded. Alternately the URL of the file to upload can be given in the
“location” part of the FileSpec.



session_id [xsd:string] (required)
Your API session id.
file [vrtypens:FileSpec] (required)
A FileSpec describing the file to create.
force [xsd:boolean]
Whether to prevent a fault from being thrown when the new file would overwrite an existing file





$vrapi->createFile( {
    session_id => $sid,
    file       => {
        media_library_directory => '/',
        filename                => 'vr_logo.gif',
        location                => '',
} );


$vrapi->createFile( array(
    'session_id' => $sid,
    'file'       => array(
        'media_library_directory' => '/',
        'filename'                => 'vr_logo.gif',
        'location'                => '',
) );