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session_id [xsd:string]
Your API session id.
campaign_id [xsd:int]
The id of the campaign whose recipient results are being fetched.
list_name [xsd:string]
The name of the new list that will be created
fields_to_include [vrtypens:ArrayOfString]
An array of the names of list fields to include as fields in the result.
restrict_responses [vrtypens:ArrayOfString]
An array of the only response types that should be reported on.
Valid items for this array are:

  • OPEN
  • SALE
  • NONE
restrict_lists [vrtypens:ArrayOfInteger]
An array of ids of the lists whose recipients the result should be restricted to.
notification_email_address [xsd:string]
This is required for the background version of this method. When the result is ready, this email address will
receive a notification that includes a link that can be used to download the result.