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The asynchronous version of downloadList(). The method is invoked and the results are emailed to the caller.

The argument notification_email_address is required for all background methods.



session_id [xsd:string] (required)
Your API session id.
list_id [xsd:int] (required)
The id of the list to download.
delimiter [xsd:string] (required)
The type of result file to create: either “csv” or “tab”.
fields_to_include [vrtypens:ArrayOfString] (required)
An array of the names of list fields to include as columns in the result.
restrict_to [vrtypens:ArrayOfString]
An array of record types to restrict the result to (default is an empty array).
Valid items for this array are:

  • bounced
  • unsubscribed
notification_email_address [xsd:string]
This is required for the background version of this method. When the result is ready, this email
address will receive a notification that includes a link that can be used to download the list.


The output is the ID of the background task.



$vrapi->downloadListBackground( {
    session_id => $sid,
    list_id => $lid,
    delimiter => 'csv',
    fields_to_include => [ email_address, first_name, last_name, _ignore_ ],
    notification_email_address => '',
} );


$vrapi->downloadListBackground( array(
    'session_id'        => $sid,
    'list_id'           => $lid,
    'delimiter'         => 'csv',
    'fields_to_include' => array( 'email_address', 'first_name', 'last_name', '_ignore_' ),
    'notification_email_address' => '',
) );


  'session_id' => sid,
  'list_id'    => lid,
  'delimiter'  => 'csv'
  'fields_to_include' => array('email_address', 'first_name', 'last_name', '_ignore')