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Data Synchronization

One of the most common uses of the VerticalResponse API is to take email addresses from your database and use them to create a new list in VerticalResponse that you can use as the target for your email campaigns – but that’s really just the beginning. Other information you may want to transfer to your VerticalResponse account includes:

  • Custom data fields to be used as merge fields in your campaigns
  • Custom templates that you control
  • Address lists for postcard recipients
  • Demographic data to use for list segmentation
  • Images you want to store in our image library

You can also pull reporting data about sent campaigns and lists back from the VerticalResponse system to integrate with your own analytics, CRM or any other tool that can use information about opens, clickthroughs, bounces and unsubscribes.

The sequence diagram below focuses on syncing your contact list with VerticalResponse, but it can easily be adapted to any of the other scenarios already mentioned. As you can see, syncing your contact data iss a straightforward process:

  1. Create a new list in VerticalResponse with the createList() method and get the List ID back
  2. Format your data as a CSV in memory
  3. Pass your data to VerticalResponse using the appendFileToList() method

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