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iFrame Single Sign On

VerticalResponse’s Single Sign On feature makes it painless for our partners to seamlessly log their customers into their individual VerticalResponse accounts. All of the magic happens in the getUserSignonURL() method – simply pass it the email address of your customer’s account, along with a few other parameters, and it will return a URL you can embed as the “src” parameter in an iFrame or as the location for a new window. When you customer loads that URL in their browser, our system will handle all of the authentication and drop them right into their account.

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The other parameters you’ll need to include are your site’s login_url and logout_url.

The login_url is the URL that VerticalResponse should send your customers to in the event that our session with them times out. This URL can either be the login page your customers use to gain access to your system or a custom piece of code that contains the logic to determine whether a user still has a session with your system and, if so, drops them right back into their VerticalResponse account.

The logout_url is the link VerticalResponse should send your customers to in case they click on the “Log Out” link in their VerticalResponse account. Depending on your users’ expectations of how the system works, this can either lead them to a page inside their account or to the linked used by your system to completely log them out of their account.

By default, your users will log in straight to their account’s homepage. If, however, you want to lead them straight to a campaign created by your system (using the createEmailCampaign() method) or the list management page or any other specific VerticalResponse page, you can specify that URL in the post_login_url parameter. This allows for a cleaner user experience.

To enable Single Sign On for your Partner account, contact your Partner Success Manager. You will also need to provide your login_url to them so that lost sessions are handled gracefully. If your login_url is not yet ready, a placeholder URL will suffice.

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