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session_id [xsd:string]
Your API session id.
campaign_ids [vrtypens:ArrayOfInteger]
A list of campaign ids to restrict output to.
statuses [vrtypens:ArrayOfString]
A list of campaign statuses to restrict output to. If provided, only campaigns with these statuses are returned.
include_content [xsd:boolean]
Whether to include contents array for each campaign in output.
Warning: setting this to true when enumerating many campaigns can lead to very large responses.
include_deleted [xsd:boolean]
Whether to include deleted campaigns in the output. By default deleted campaigns are not returned.
include_lists [xsd:boolean]
Whether to include info about lists attached to each campaign.
For each attached list, only the id, name, and size will be provided.
Asking for list info is not allowed unless the output is limited to 100 campaigns or less (either specifying 100 campaign ids or a limit of 100).
order_by_fields [vrtypens:ArrayOfOrderByField]
An array of fields and directions that specify an ordering for the returned campaigns.
limit [xsd:int]
The maximum number of records to return.
offset [xsd:int]
Only records on or beyond this index are included in the result.