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id [xsd:int]
The internal ID of the query. Set by VerticalResponse.
name [xsd:string]
REQUIRED: The unique name of this segmentation query.
operation_type [xsd:string]
REQUIRED: The type of segmentation operation to perform. Valid types are ‘union’, ‘intersect’ and ‘minus’.
description [xsd:string]
A description of this query.
inputs [vrtypens:ArrayOfSegmentationQueryInput]
An array of SegmentationQueryInput objects used to define the query and its constraints.
status [xsd:string]
The status of this query. Set by VerticalResponse. Expected values are:

  • running – Segmentation query is currently running.
  • run – Query has completed running and is not yet compiled into a list.
  • compiling – Query is currently compiling.
  • compiled – Query has been compiled into a list.
  • failed – Query failed last action (run or compile).
display_context [xsd:string]
deleted_by [xsd:int]
delete_date [xsd:dateTime]
last_run_date [xsd:dateTime]
last_run_size [xsd:int]